Thursday, March 4, 2010

Citrus Blossom Soap in the Making

Today is PRODUCTION day again. We are running low on a few soaps so of course we had to get more in the molds. We make some of our soaps 3#s at a time and really need to up the number of pounds to at least 9#s. This way we will not make some of our soaps as frequently. Now we will say that we do have quite a few soap fragrances that we make 9#s at a time and those are the ones we sell the most of. Anyway, here are a few pictures along with the process.
  1. Decide what ingredients you want to use and then use to calculate the lye and water amount as well as the possible finished quality of the bar. has a wealth of information about oil qualities.

  2. Gather everything you will need, stick blenders, mixing spoons, colorants, fragrance, etc.

  3. Weigh liquid (water, milk, aloe, etc.) add lye to it and mix thoroughly. For this batch we used ½ coconut milk and ½ water, we mix the lye with the water and added the coconut milk at trace

  4. Weigh oils, butters and fragrance

  5. We do the RTCP method, which means we don’t wait for the lye to cool to a certain temperature. Once we have weighed our oils and butters, we then add the lye water. The lye water melts the solid oils/butters (palm, coconut, shea, mango, etc.) Please note when we add cocoa butter to a batch, we melt it in our chocolate melter and then add to the oils/butters.

  6. Mix until trace, which is a thick pudding type consistency
    Add colorant and fragrance. We did a two color swirl so we had our bowls ready with the colorants and just added traced soap to each color and swirled in the bowl. We are a bit swirl challenged.

  7. Pour in mold

  8. Unmold after 24 hours

  9. Cut and Cure for a minimum of 4 weeks

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  1. thank you for this post! I did my first batch last summer and looove it! I will be doing more batches next summer for fun!
    all I can say is that I have more appreciation for the soapmixtresses