Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cocoa Butter Series of Products

New Products with Loads of Cocoa Butter!

Generally, we do not introduce new products until the new year, but we had to make these items available to you...a new line of products that has a heaping amount of cocoa butter for the most driest skin!

I am not sure how your childhood was, but for me whenever I would get a scrape or burn, my mom would always put cocoa butter on my wound everyday until the scar literally faded away. The cocoa butter not only healed my wounds (and I had many of them), it also toned my skin and moisturized it all at the same time. Thank goodness for a natural miracle product such as cocoa butter that has been used in skin care formulations for centuries.

Our Cocoa Butter is pure, food grade, prime pressed, golden butter obtained from the cocoa bean that has a beautiful, rich aroma of dark chocolate. It is a natural vegetable fat that melts on contact and is most often used to

• soften and lubricate skin
• help prevent and minimize stretch marks
• protect dry, chapped, sensitive skin
• heal wounds
• soothe irritated skin
• great for skin conditions, such as eczema
• helps skin reatin moisture (perfect for winter months)
• and MORE!

Take the time to care for your skin by cleansing with one of our moisturizing Butter Bars made with a generous amount of cocoa butter, then protect your precious skin from the harsh environmental elements with our Cocoa Butter Cream or our luxurious Whipped Honey-Cocoa Body Butter. This delightful whipped butter begins with prime-pressed cocoa butter, shea butter, a dab of mango butter, intertwined with avocado, macadamia, rice bran and um, um, good coconut oil infused with Mexican Vanilla Beans. Whipped Honey-Cocoa is an all natural body cream with a silky smooth texture that melts on contact. Don't forget those puckers. Keep them nice and moist with our Cocoa-Vanilla Lip Balm.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Lime Ale Beer Soap (made with real beer)

We have been hearing about BEER being used as the water portion during soap making. Of course our first thoughts were, yuck that would be an awful smell from the beer and sodium hydroxide and WHO would want to smell like BEER? Thankfully, neither was the case. Our finished Lime Ale soap smells nothing like beer. It has a beautiful aroma of lime with a hint of sandalwood due to the special blend that we created strictly for Lime Ale. And, the soap making process did not yield a yucky aroma, it was quite pleasant.

We wish we could take credit for thinking of adding beer to soaps, but we can’t, however, we can certainly take credit for our signature recipe of olive, coconut, palm, castor, soybean and shea butter. All of these skin-loving edible oils intertwined with the benefits of hops found in Beer yield a wonderful cleansing and moisturizing bar of soap. Since beer is primarily hops, many of this herb’s properties and benefits become a skin cleansing asset when added to soap and promotes clear skin. So why not get yourself a bar on Etsy or our online store.