Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Soap Logs

It has been a brief minute since we lasted posted. Things have been hectic yet rewarding. We have been really busy this holiday season, which is always a BIG plus and we are nearing the end of our pregnancy. We are nearly less than 3 weeks away before our little bundle of joy will be with us.

Due to the holiday rush we sold out of many of our soaps therefore we have to make more, here are pictures of a couple restocks and 3 new soaps. This is not the best picture. From left to right (new) Lime Sugar test batch, restock of Beer Shampoo Bar, (new) Lavender Oats with Goats Milk, restock of Almond, Milk and Honey (this one will get much darker as it ages), restock of Chai Tea, restock of Cranberry Spice and (new) Carrot, Milk and Honey. We have more to add but that is it for tonight.