Thursday, March 5, 2009

Scratch and Dent Soaps

This is a great buy for anyone wanting to try our soaps and/or get quality handmade soaps at an affordable price. Our lost your gain, we simply have too much soap and want to move stock to make room for the new. Therefore, we’ve made our Scratch & Dent One Pound Bundle of fabulous Karess Krafters Natural Handmade soap available to YOU! Each lot consists of one pound of discontinued and/or slightly imperfect soap at a great price for a limited time! These bars are undersized and/or slightly visual and flavor imperfect. All the soaps are high quality created in our signature olive-based recipe. Each 1 lb bundle will be different with each soap bar wrapped with full ingredient label on each. This is a mix of bars ranging from 3 - 6 oz each.

Just an FYI when we say slightly visual and/or flavor imperfect we mean we did not achieve the color results we were aiming for or the fragrance was not what we anticipated, meaning it was too light.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Foam Hand Soap

We have a new product - Foam Hand Soap

Pamper your hands with our gentle, mild and effective hand soap. We have placed our special soap recipe in a unique dispensing bottle that creates powerful cleansing foam that can be enjoyed by every household. Only one pump of foam is enough to thoroughly cleanse your hands with tropical blend of sweet strawberries, creamy vanilla and juicy pomegranate. Keep one at every sink; it is wonderful and fun for children and adults alike.