Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year – hope you all had a joyous and peaceful time during the holiday season. It was a wonderful, yet busy time over at Karess Krafters. Once the Christmas rush was over the Karess Krafters staff was able to get some much needed rest and time to spend with family.

We have started the New Year off with some savings. Check out our Bargain Bin for items that are being discontinued.

As we journey through the New Year, we will be introducing new products and/or scents each month. Here is a tentative roll out schedule of our new items.

February Lip Balms
- new flavors
- some vegan-friendly

March Moisturizers
- new scents
- Whipped Shea Butter
- Lotion Bars

April Hair Care
- Hemp Hairdressing
- Leave-In Conditioner
- Shampoo Bar

May Perfume
-Roll-On Earthy Fragrances

As always we will continue to add new soap flavors to our collection. At the present time
we have added a few already – Citrus Splash, Honey Almond Sugar Cookie, and Sweet
Hemp to name a few.