Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Garner Creations for ALL your PROMO NEEDS!

We received our promo Scratch and Win cards last week from Garner Creations. Boy, when we opened the package and saw how nicely they turned out we were all oohing and aahhing. Garner Creations has a shop on Etsy as well as a website. They do great work, very professional, great communication, reliable service and FAST shipping. Everyone (we would imagine) in business knows how great it is to find a company who can not only deliver in a timely manner but also do exceptionally good work. Garner Creations is only one town over from where we live, which is a BIG PLUS to us because we LOVE to support LOCAL crafters. Thanks Garner Creations for a FABULOUS product and of course we will be back for more.

**Note** We have not taken a picture of the actual cards yet, but we will once we put them with the samples we intend to send in for September’s The Little Black Box give away. The picture here is a copy of the proof Garner Creations sent to us before printing.