Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ingredient of the Day: Dea Sea Mud

Ingredient of the Day: Dead Sea Mud

What is the big deal with putting mud all over your body?

Applying ordinary, yet extraordinary Dead Sea Mud on your body has many skin loving benefits.

The mud comes from the Dead Sea based in Jordan and Israel. It has attracted many visitors from around the world for thousands of years and is known as the world’s first health resort according to Wikipedia. Due to the layout of the Dead Sea, high concentrations of salts and minerals are produced that are excellent for the skin. Its most precious resource is the Dead Sea Mud.

Dead Sea Mud contains a large range of minerals that
• improves circulation and natural skin generation
• cleanses the skin and removes any residue, impurities and toxins
• provides effective relief for skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema and acne
• moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated
• gently removes dead skin cells to reveal more youthful, healthier skin

Dead Sea Mud exfoliates, cleanses and hydrates the skin all while infusing it with minerals. In addition, it helps improve the skin quality of various skin conditions thus making it a staple product for your household.

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