Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May is all about the Feet

Too many of us are inclined to forget that we have feet until something brings our attention to them, such as exposing our toes through peep-toe shoes. Walking with confidence in your flip flops or strutting in your strappy pumps with charming to the eye beautifully formed feet is only moments away with Karess Krafters foot care line. Just in time for the summer shoe season!

A good foot care regimen includes: soak, scrub, wash, dry and moisturize

Soaking your feet helps soften the skin and allows the botanicals and oils to penetrate while you pamper yourself as well as take care of your feet. The nicest foot soak to use are the ones with Dead Sea Salt and mint because the salt draws out impurities, relieve swelling and comfort tired feet while the mint refreshes your tootsies. Our Foaming Foot Soak is a well-balanced formula with hints of mint, Dead Sea Salt and botanicals that lavishly soften, condition, and revitalize feet.

Following an invigorating foot soak, wash and exfoliate with our Pumice Foot Soap that has been formulated with natural exfoliants of blue cornmeal, pumice, and walnut shell to help improve rough and calloused areas of your feet. The inclusion of Cocoa and Shea butters lends a moisturizing, yet gentle soap for sore feet and hardened heels combined with Tea Tree essential oil because of its reported natural infection-fighting properties that ultimately reduce foot odor. *Note: the use of a pumice stone may be required for stubborn calluses.

After you have soaked, washed and exfoliated your feet, it is very important to dry your feet thoroughly, especially between your toes.

Finally, use our Lemon-Mint Foot Balm to moisturize and soothe your feet. Our formula is designed for rough, dry, peeling or cracked feet. The beneficial and healing addition of the miraculous Emu oil, skin-loving Fair Trade African Shea Butter and moisture-binding Jojoba oil lends an extremely rich and penetrating balm that will revive your feet. *Note: If you are doing this at night, a special treat is to heavily apply the balm and then put on cotton socks to allow plenty of time for the ingredients to absorb.