Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Our Hemp Hairdressing is perfect for those who have dry, brittle hair, flakey scalp or just want to protect their hair from environmental elements with natural non-clogging oils and herbs. Hemp Hairdressing is a hair-loving infusion designed to enrich the hair with essential nutrients and help prevent dryness and breakage while imparting a subtle touch of sheen. A rich blend of jojoba wax in a castor oil base and moisture-packed vegetable oils add incredible sheen, while controlling the hair. The combination of Virgin Coconut and Hempseed oils with Neem Extract stimulate and moisturize the hair shaft. Mango and Mowrah Butters add moisture and protect the hair and scalp from environmental damage and heat during the styling process. Herbs of Horesetail and Nettle along with natural oils of Soybean, Broccoli Seed and Vitamin E add even more ump to this moisture rich formulation. It is a perfect hairdressing addition for the entire family. Added Bonus Secret: Great for the skin too!