Friday, March 5, 2010

Back to work....

Well my maternity leave time is just about over. I return back to work on Monday, March 8th. I am having mixed feelings about it. One part of me is ready to go back since I had what I considered too much time on my hands. Not sure how other people operate, but I am at my best when my plate is running over with things to do. I know…I am just weird. Another part of me was getting use to being home and I am going to miss the opportunity to make soap on a whim through out the day. The last thing that I have mixed feelings about is taking my precious daughter to day care. My goodness Monday is going to be a hard day for both me and dad, which is why dad is the one dropping her off…go figure. So have us in prayer. Anyway on with my day….

Today was more of a tidy the house up day. Since I am returning back to work it was time to get some things in order since I had been overlooking a few home chores while I relished in soap making. I did take the time to make up more sample bags. My hubby and I (mainly hubby) give out sample bags while we are out and about. He generally give out about 10 or so a day. Since we have to hit the mall tomorrow for a few things, I thought it would be a good idea to have plenty available. Each flat style Kraft bag comes with our information printed on it along with a discount code to use for future purchases. We fill each of these little guys with a sample of soap, moisturizer and lip balm. Every now and then we will include a sugar scrub. Here is how they look.

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  1. aaaw....I will keep you on my thoughts on Monday. Like you, I work better when I have soo much to do that I just want to pull the cover, sleep and forget about it.