Thursday, May 6, 2010

Home Party

What’s up Blog World,

I am still in prep mode as I prepare to do my first home party this weekend. I think I am over my fear of speaking in front of folks and am ready to take this home party thing to another level. I have some plans in the works but need to confirm with a few friends/business partners before going forward. Anyway, here is what I plan to do on Saturday.

1. Inform the guest that I am a fast talker, so if I start to VRRROOOOOM!, to please ask me to slow it down
2. Introduce myself and thank the host for the opportunity
3. Give a brief history on how we got started and talk about the main ingredients we use.
4. Talk about our soaps what is in them and why
5. Elaborate on our moisturizers with the emphasis on Shea Monoi and the benefits of Shea
6. Share about our Hemp Lip Balms and why we use hemp for the main ingredient
7. Mention that we have a Foot Care Line, Sugar Scrubs and Shampoo Bars
8. Will inform guest about our deep hair conditioner coming out in the Fall
9. Have guest sample sugar scrubs and Shea Monoi
10. Hopefully take orders and schedule new parties
11. Mingle, thank the guest, pack up and go

Plan to do everything in an hour and half to two hours.

I plan to bring along the following items
• Of course a gift for the hostess
• Soaps
• Moisturizers (Shea Monoi and Whipped Cocoa Butter)
• Lip Balms (Top Sellers: Coconut Lemongrass, Mango and Raspberry Lemonade)
• Sugar Scrubs

Hopefully everything will go well and it will be a taste of all the good things to come with having home parties.


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