Friday, April 30, 2010

The Broken Toes

Good Day Blog World,

I have been home the last past two days with my foot propped up. Why? Because I slipped and fell at work and landed flat on the floor. How did this happen? I really don’t know because it happened so quickly, but what I do know is this.

I was walking from my boss’ office back to my desk. I was about 10 feet from reaching my destination when all of a sudden my upper body was moving but my feet were not. Now here is what I call a freak accident, my sneakers became stuck to the carpet. More like when you wear a new pair of sneakers (mine are really old by the way) and the friction from the sole of the shoe comes in contact with a clean surface and become stuck to the surface. Well my experience was much like this but my sneakers are very worn and the carpet is extremely worn.

Was there a lesson to be learned from it? Seems to me there is always a message in everything that happens, it is up to the individual to see it for what it is. This experience opened my eyes to a few things
(1) To avoid putting anyone on blasts, I will say this, you really see people for who they are in a time of need.
(2) I really needed the rest as I have been in overdrive for the last month and a half getting Karess Krafters new look on the rise.
(3) To always rebuke the enemy in Jesus Name (I already knew this). I say this because I am prepping to do my first house party on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. When the call came in to do the party I was very reluctant. Not because of the person who asked that I do it, but because of my fear of public speaking. I can sit and chat with someone one on one all day about nearly anything. But to stand before someone and have all eyes and attention on me is another story. This is an area I had been asking God to help me with and when the opportunity came I agreed to it and of course I am continuing to ask God for his strength.

Now my fall in my opinion was suppose the be the golden opportunity for me to back out of doing the party, but I refuse to let my broken toes hold me back. I will execute what I have been asking for and my Lord will see me through. Till next time, stay prayerful, strong and faithful. God Bless


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