Wednesday, December 26, 2007

More Soaps

Well today was another soaping and research day for me. My day began as usual, out of bed, tidy things up around the house, and to the soaping area I went (prior to and after we (hubby and I) took our two boys and two nephews to see Alvin and the Chipmunks).

Anyway, today I made a facial bar batch that has Rosehip powder in it for its gentle, yet deeply cleansing ability. This bar has a very high percentage of Olive Oil along with avocado. Once unmold, cut and stored to cure, I tried a sliver on my hands and it felt good. Can't wait until this one is fully cured.

I also, made an unscented batch with infused calendula olive oil. Amazingly, the calendula scent came through the batch, well at least it did during soaping. We will have to see how it holds up once it has reached maturity.

Didn't get around to taking pix, hopefully that will be done tomorrow, after I make a Mango Madness batch of soap, then Raspberry Cream, and maybe some B. Paradise. We will have to see.


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