Monday, August 1, 2011


Yesterday was a Hair Conditioner making day.  I got up extra early on Sunday morning to make my fabulous Honey-Hemp Hair Conditioner.  It had been a while since I made a batch as well as used it on my hair (been going to the beauty salon too much).

Instead of going to my regular hair appointment I decided to save my husband and I some cash.  So I washed, conditioned and styled my own hair.  I washed my hair with Organix Tea Tree Shampoo.  I just love this brand.  I am not particularly fond of their Tea Tree Shampoo.  It’s okay. I mean it gets my hair clean, but it doesn’t leave it conditioned like the Coconut Milk one.  Now the Coconut Milk one has my hair feeling cleaned, soft and silky with a little sheen.

After washing my hair I applied my Honey-Hemp Deep Conditioner and slapped on a plastic cap.  I wore this cap for at least two hours I am sure because I did my household chores while the conditioner did its work.  Running the water through my hair to wash away the conditioner felt great, it felt even better once it was completely out. It is soft and healthy looking. It even appeared to be a shade or two darker in color (my hair is black, but not jet black).

Let me add that prior to washing my hair some areas felt hard on the ends because of me abusing my hair with the flat iron. After the conditioning treatment if felt like salon finished hair. 

Anyways, using my hair conditioner just reminded me of hour great my hair care line products are (and getting emails from customers wanting more adds to it too :-) )


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