Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Soap Bar Sample Cutter

Okay, it has been long time since I last blogged. I have been really busy with the new little one (Wynter), wife duties, the boys (EJ & Bubbas), son (EJ) getting ready to leave for college, full time work outside the home and running Karess Krafters. It has been a whirlwind at my home and some days (time wise) are better than others. But nevertheless I decided to blog today about my new bar to sample cutter.

I purchased this beautiful piece of craftsmanship from Darlene also known as Flash on the Soap Dish forum because I was tired of inconsistent sample bar sizes. Besides sales have picked up like crazy for us which means we had to step our game up. The cutter as I mentioned is beautiful. I had a small learning curve with it in the beginning. I was not placing my bars on the cutter to the point they line up with the groves, therefore I was getting a very odd shaped soap sample. But after talking with Darlene and getting a few tips, I am not getting beautiful and consistent sample bars. Sorry I don’t have any pix of my cut bars to show, however here is a picture of the cutter.


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