Thursday, April 1, 2010

Soap Packing dilemma again.....

Well we are still at a cross road with selecting the perfect “eco-friendly” soap packaging. Right now we use a band much like the Dan’s bands for our soaps with a recycled cigar band style label. This packaging has worked well for us. It allows the customer to see the beauty of the bar, breathe in its captivating aroma, protect the bar without slippage or getting soap residue on the packaging and we’re able to give details about the bar and how to get more on the label. In addition we can fit up to 8 bars in a flat rate envelope which saves on shipping.

Since we are trying to be as “green” as possible we have been experimenting with different ways to package our soaps. We did the wrapping with tissue paper and affixing a label and ribbon, but as the demand for our soaps go up this can be too time consuming. We even tried the corrugated wrap with band and weren’t pleased with this style either. We’ve also tried the small flat merchandise Kraft bags with label but it just didn’t cut it for us…too much wiggle room as was the same case with boxes. We also cut strips of card stock paper that coordinated in color with the soap and printed a cigar style band on clear vellum paper. This look was nice and certainly eco-friendly but we were still not satisfied. So at the present time we are back to our Dan’s style bands with recycled label. The only thing we’ve done differently is we had a graphic designer on Etsy design a label for us that we will use for all of our products. This way all of our labels are consistent and the branding process will begin.

Here is a picture of the way we packaged the soaps with the card stock and vellum label and a picture of how we packaged our soaps with the Dan’s band sans the new label.


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