Monday, March 22, 2010

Things in the works

I know it has been a while since I last blogged. I have been really busy getting ready for my sister’s wedding on 3.27.10. I am doing favors for her wedding and I am also participating in the I Do Brunch swag bag giveaway. So it has been a little hectic around here. Then on top of all of this I have an infant, orders to fill, promoting and two kids in school and into sports. There sometimes seem to not be enough hours in the day.

Today I have multiple things going on. I am working on orders so I had to make up more whipped cocoa butter and salve. I had to steep my herbs in the crocket pot overnight last night for my salve. This herbal infusion is with olive oil along with herbs of St. John’s Wort, Calendula, Chickweed and Plantain. We use this infusion in our Salve that is good for itchy scalp, small cuts, dry patches and many other uses.

Here are some pix of our soap favors in the making with labels printed by StickerDiva on Etsy. We have put a couple of the boxes together for the I Do Brunch giveaway. We have not started my sister’s favors yet because I need to go and get some white pillow boxes. I thought the Kraft boxes would look nice but with the label I had printed for her, white boxes would look much better. Thank goodness it is a small ceremony.


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