Friday, February 12, 2010

Out Of The Box Sampler

We have wanted to participate in the Out Of The Box Sampler for a while now. Due to family, work, business and just day-to-day activities the time just did not permit us to do so. Finally, once things died down after the Christmas rush, we set one of our marketing goals for 2010 to participate in the Out Of The Box Sampler.

We are officially one of the participants for the month of April. Our deadline to submit our samples is March 20th, but we have already sent our box off with over 60 samples for April’s sampler. That is over a month early…now talk about getting things done!

Since we make every effort to reuse, replenish, and refurbish as much as possible, we wanted to do something that was eco-friendly and presentable. We had bags printed that are made from 80% recycled paper that we filled with product samples of our Sugar Scrub, Soap, Body Oil, Herbal Salve and Lip Balm along with a card with a secret discount code and % off for all orders received from the sampler. Once all bags were filled we tied each one with natural colored raffia ribbon, which was a blast to do, yet time consuming. Due to the nature of the packaging we had to use a fairly nice size box to send the sample bags off. Since the box was rather large, we have decided to keep using the printed eco-friendly sampler bags; however instead of sealing the bags with a ribbon we will now seal it with a label that will have our logo printed on recycled labels. Sealing the bag this way will allow for better shipping options.


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