Monday, June 2, 2008

Gardening and Cleansing

Yesterday was work in the garden day. Hubby and I planted some beautiful flowers in a corner in our backyard. We plan to turn it into a meditation area complete with a hammock and water fall. It will be a quiet area where we can go to clear our minds, collect out thoughts, and rejuvenate the thinking process. Of course after spending hours in the sun working with soil I felt really gritty and grimy so I was in desperate need of a good soak and my body, particularly my arm pits, thanked me for it. My hair was in need of some TLC also. So here is what I did:

1. I washed my hands with our Garden & Kitchen soap which contains cornmeal and grits that gently scrubbed my soiled hands clean and gave a nourished, polished look due to the hearty helping of shea butter.

2. Since my hair requires what I consider a pro-long rinse (rinsing hair for about 15 minutes after it’s washed), I have to wash my hair in the shower. I ran a warm, others would say hot, shower and just stood under the shower head while allowing the warm water to open my pores. I stood there for about 5 minutes. Then I grabbed my favorite shampoo Rosemary Mint from LaVida Given By Nature and used only a quarter size to wash my entire head of hair, which is dreaded and about shoulder length. This shampoo is so concentrated that only a small amount is needed to produce loads of lather, which gets my hair squeaky clean. Therefore, you save money and most importantly it is all natural and Vegan friendly. Be sure to get yourself a bottle TODAY!

3. So after washing my hair with loads of lather, I just stood under the shower head for about 20 minutes allowing the water to rinse the lather away and allowing my body to relax. I followed by washing my body with our Sunshine Handmade Soap that really gave my grimy, gritty body a good cleanse. The olive-based bar left my skin feeling very hydrated and the beautiful aroma from a proprietary essential oil blend allow my senses to continue to appreciate a natural aroma (remember the first natural aroma was from the flowers planted, then the Rosemary Shampoo, now the Sunshine soap).

4. My cleaning regime was not over. I had to protect and nourish my hair, so of course I used my favorite Ginger Juice and Berries from Lavida Given By Nature on my naturally dreaded hair. It has the perfect balance, not too thick, too oily or too heavy. Just the right amount of herbs and oils that coat and protect my hair from the environmental elements while still nourishing and strengthening my hair.

So check out Karess Krafters and Lavida Given By Nature to get yourself a natural cleanse from head to toe.


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